We’ve developed a simplified grain harvester that could help small farmers around the world. Read about it here.

We’re getting ready for our next round of DC Microgrid installations in Puerto Rico, scheduled for early 2024. We’re fundraising to cover travel and shipping costs. Please consider supporting us if you can.

At Living Energy Farm, we have developed the tools to live comfortably without fossil fuel or grid electricity. Energy independence, no power bill, and a dramatically reduced climate change impact. Sound good? Let us show you how. 

Mission statement

Living Energy Farm is an intentional community, education center, and farm that demonstrates that a fulfilling life is possible without the use of fossil fuel. Our mission is to serve as an example and actively promote lifestyles and technologies that are truly sustainable, and to make these sustainable technologies accessible to all persons regardless of their income or social position.

Why We Do What We Do

Living Energy Farm is a community of people who support themselves without the use of fossil fuel. Our project has been built at modest cost so it can be replicated around the world. Living Energy Farm (LEF) is a fully operational farm and community, not just an idea. Our buildings stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. We get to take a hot shower, surf the net, or drink a cold glass of lemonade any time we want. We do all of this on an extremely modest energy budget. LEF empowers us to dramatically reduce our dependence on the corporate economy, and it represents a viable solution to climate change.

By employing renewable energy at the community level, we can both radically reduce our need for energy and compensate for the intermittent nature of wind and solar. At LEF, cooperation is by far our most important “technology.” We enjoy living with the rhythms of nature instead of defying them. With community-scale renewable energy, we can enjoy a level of comfort similar to what people are accustomed to in the industrial age, and we can support ourselves financially, all without using fossil fuels!

New to Living Energy Farm and DC Microgrids? Here’s some links to get you started:

  • Learn about daylight drive DC Microgrids, the radically simple, durable, and effective approach to solar energy that we are pioneering at LEF.
  • We are partnering with several nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico to support energy sovereignty in their communities through education and installation of DC Microgrids. Read about it here.
  • Want to build a system like we have at LEF? Check out our new company, Living Energy Lights, which offers DC appliances, battery kits, and consultations.
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