Articles and videos about LEF


International Permaculture has done 2 articles on LEF. One is in issue #93, Autumn 2017, and the second is in issue #94, Winter 2017.

Article about LEF at the Atlantic Online Magazine

Article about LEF in The Central Virginian


Cville weekly in Charlottesville VA

Slideshow produced by Alexis a while ago 


How to Live Without Fossil Fuel (Introductory Video)

Powering a Community with Solar Electricity (LEF has the only DC powered community that we know of, here’s how it works) 

The Best Way to Store Off-Grid Energy 

Batteries that Last (almost) Forever 

Virginia Homegrown created a program at LEF (the LEF part starts at the 29 minute mark in the program) 

Featured on Eco Commune Tour – Living Energy Farm (circa 2015)

Running a machine shop with solar energy

How to never pay an electric bill

Our solar powered Grain Mill