Statement on the Passing of Darshan Elena Campos

Living Energy Lights offers our deepest condolences for the loss of Darshan Elena Campos. Darshan Elena first came to Living Energy Farm in 2018 as a volunteer. Their enthusiasm and commitment to social justice was really inspiring. They returned to LEF in 2022 as part of the first cohort of the Solar Immersion program from Borikén. Later that year they played an important role in helping us while we were in Borikén by lending us their car, translating, and showing us hospitality by cooking for us, bringing us to the beach, and in many other ways. They were so generous with their time and energy. We had a lot of great times with Darshan Elena.

Darshan Elena had many components to their identity, but what stood out to us was their dedication to preserving biodiversity and Borikén heritage as a seed keeper, and advocating for equality and justice within the queer community. As a seed keeper, Darshan Elena played a vital role in safeguarding Indigenous knowledge and traditions surrounding agriculture, ensuring that future generations have access to diverse and resilient crops. Their work was not only about preserving seeds but also about honoring the deep connection between culture, land, and community. Darshan Elena was also an advocate for Queer rights, fighting against discrimination and championing acceptance and inclusivity. 

We offer our heartfelt condolences to Darshan Elena’s friends and family during this difficult time. May their spirit live on through the seeds they’ve sown and the hearts they’ve touched. May their legacy continue to inspire future generations.

With deepest sympathy,

Living Energy Lights

and Board Members: Debbie, Ericka, John, Tara