The photos here show the construction of Earthheart, our main house at LEF. This house operates with our DC Microgrid. The building is heated with active and passive solar features. It is a community house and superinsulated. We also have solar hot water. We use a very small amout of firewood for backup heat and hot water, about 2% as much as a non-solar building would use. Our house stays delightfully warm in winter, and cool in summer. We can take a shower anytime we want, surf the net and turn on the lights as we choose. Our power system is based on durable technologies that will last for decades.

We love our intern helpers! Earthheart complete Construction of composting toilet Duct that carries solar heat under the floor Foundation insulation Insulation up close Framing for strawbale Hot water panels Solar roof under construction Solar heating collector Last pane of solar glass First coat on inside straw is mud First layer of stucco Shower from reclaimed tile Building ducts Difference of thermal curtain Thermal curtain inside Reclaimed tile world map Carrying trusses Carrying trusses 2 Lifting truss Truss lift 2